North American and Caribbean Zone

Comprising the countries of Canada, USA, the Bahamas and Jamaica, with a new field in Haiti, this zone has seen ministry since 1956, when Jim Duffecy and a team visited the States and Canada and opened the work.

In Canada and the USA society is split down the middle and many are drifting away from the faith. Revival is needed. Open Air ministry is of great importance, depending on the weather. During the academic year, colleges and universities offer opportunities to reach students on the campus, while in especially cold weather big city teams go underground, to reach people in the Subway. Reaching communities through work with children has also been a major emphasis over the years, including work on housing projects, in Christian schools and after school clubs.

Give thanks for a new webmaster in the USA, who has done a lot to upgrade this means of communication.

In the Caribbean there are great opportunities in schools.

A particular prayer request for the Bahamas relates to the rebuilding after the devastating hurricane, Dorian, last year. They also ask prayer for their new evangelist, Andy Cartwright.

Pray for the team in Jamaica, who have been working hard to set up our International conference and are now disappointed that it cannot take place, due to the Coronavirus.

Pray for Haiti, which regularly suffers devastating disasters and in between suffers from corrupt government, if any. The clear and simple gospel is dearly needed in the land of Voodoo.





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Author: Chris Mathieson

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