Latin American Zone

Give thanks for the many and varied openings in Latin America to present Christ! The harvest fields remain ripe and many in the churches are keen to be trained to reach out. Pray that we may take full advantage of this opportunity to extend the Kingdom of God across the region.

OAC, also known in the region as Worldwide Proclamation,  has branches in six countries, with opportunities to open up more. In normal times streets everywhere are filled with passers by and many will stop to listen to the preaching, some staying on to speak and even receive Christ. Schools are open in many countries to messages on spiritual and ethical topics and our evangelists take full advantage to present Christ. Yet despite the openness of many to the gospel, there remain unreached people groups, where the gospel has not penetrated. In Brazil, Peru and Ecuador efforts are being made to reach these groups through a variety of means.

As everywhere, there is a need for workers, especially now in Mexico, which currently has none.

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Author: Chris Mathieson

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