OACI Update 2017

1892-2017 … 125 YEARS!

OAC has a long and effective history of reaching out to those without Christ, many of whom have never before heard the Gospel clearly presented.

As we LOOK BACK we are proud of that history, we greatly respect those who have gone before, upon whose shoulders we stand today.

But we do not rest on the achievements of the past.

As we LOOK AROUND today we see that there are still millions who have not responded to the claims of Christ. Our passion, as it always has been, is to go out where the people are: onto the streets, into the schools, wherever crowds gather, and to engage them in creative and relevant ways with the unchanging message of the Gospel.

Our ministry has grown from one country to more than thirty, from a staff of ten to that of hundreds. We LOOK FORWARD to continued growth and development as the Lord leads. For that to happen we need your help. Our ministry is not funded or endowed in any way but we simply rely on the Lord, through His people, to meet all our needs. We can do what we do because many people give, some contributing even the smallest of gifts. This, and upholding us daily in prayer, keep this ministry going and growing.

As we continue on we LOOK UP to Him who not only provides for our needs, but is the source of our message and strength in every situation. So often we are unsure how many people will stop and listen and what the state of their hearts may be, but we go out trusting in Him. William Carey said, “I will go… but remember that you must hold the ropes.” It is a team effort. Will you join us on the frontline or hold the ropes for us?

Read on by downloading the full PDF Update, with reports from round the world,

Or download a two page taster, for a quick overview of our ministry.

Author: Chris Mathieson

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