OAC International Conference – Prayer need


Every four years an international conference is held when leaders and other evangelists gather from around the world. We have tried to go to a variety of locations, so as to not overburden national works, but also choosing places where we can travel reasonably cheaply and also places which do not give too great difficulties with short term visa applications. This year should see such an event, and indeed much effort and money has been spent in preparation. The chosen destination is Jamaica, the date 5th to 12th May. As you can imagine, the likelihood of being permitted to travel as early as this has become increasingly small, as Europe and the States have closed their borders to travellers for the foreseeable future, most airlines have cut schedules and so on.

Sadly, today, 19th March, it was decided to cancel the conference.

#OACIIDOP  Please pray with us this week in particular, as we seek the Lord’s direction as to how to proceed! Some of the matters on the international agenda need to be decided this year, so it may be that we have to hold a special Council meeting by teleconference. We also want to hear from the Lord about whether to call another conference some time soon, maybe next year, when we can complete the business. But we found that Jamaica is not as easy for visas as we had supposed, so maybe we also need to look at another location. Big decisions…

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Author: Chris Mathieson

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