OAC International Conference, Ecuador 2024

This May, from 14th to 21st, OAC evangelists, particularly the leaders of national ministries, met in Ecuador for the first International Conference since 2016. Due to the pandemic, at the last moment we had to cancel the 2020 conference, which was due to take place in Jamaica.

Nate Saint's House
Nate Saint’s house

This time around some 70 evangelists travelled to Quito and once we met there… and having taken the requisite group photo on the Equator line (see header) we followed in the footsteps of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderian, the five missionary martyrs of Operation Auca in 1956, to the edge of the vast Amazon rainforest, where we were accommodated in a hostel with reed roofed bungalows for each couple! One of the highlights there was to visit Nate Saint’s house.
Much has changed since the 1950s, and although a few of the evangelists gathering had already been born at the time of the event, OAC was only starting to spread from its Australian roots at that time. We are now well over 200 workers spread across all the continents and with established branches or small ministries in many lands.

Since 2020 our International President has been David Proaño, leader of a growing ministry in Ecuador. We give thanks for the local team, which is now working in schools in two districts, as well as other outreaches.

Until this post can be updated the header photo is from the 2016 conference in Germany.

We are delighted that this is the first International Conference when we should have been able to gather representatives from more than one African country. Visas were just recently issued! Buy sadly not all our evangelists are able to be with us for a variety of reasons, including transit visa issues or health.

The first day was our arrival and after a good night’s sleep we were off in a bus from Quito, first to the Middle of the earth, where the equator can be found. The museum has a great interactive tour! Lunch was part way to our final destination, but still at a high altitude. We were treated to Guinea pig and a folk dance demonstration. And so to our hotel on the edge of the Amazon rain forest. And it certainly rains!!!

The main conference was spread over five action-packed days, including meetings and conference activities, but also, being evangelists in a foreign land, opportunities to present the Good News in a variety of settings, including schools, churches and indigenous communities. Here (any time now) are some of the photos of the action!

Author: Chris Mathieson

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