OAC Rwanda

OAC now covers the breadth of Africa, from Kenya in the east, to the Congo in the west, via Uganda and Rwanda!

After several years of ministry trips by our former President, Robert Siakimotu, OAC now has an evangelist in Rwanda and is now fully recognised by the authorities. The official government Gazette published the recognition of the organisation in September, 2019. Jean (i.e. John in French) is the evangelist, and he is married to ‘Queen’ Esther and in August 2019 they had their first son, Arlo Jayden.

The ministry is busy and varied, with outreach to children being a major aspect. This includes clubs, special activities with sport and sharing the gospel and also schools. And they would like to be able to reach out with films, as well. Jean also speaks in churches when he gets the opportunity and supports church planters. Recently he preached in a church, using the chemical cross illustration, and eleven people gave their lives to the Lord.

Below is a gallery with recent photos of the ministry.

Jean has sent us the following prayer requests:

  • Praise with us as we have now completed the process of registering OAC Ministries in Rwanda. We have completed two steps required by local authorities. Now we completed the final step of putting OAC Rwanda in official government gazette. Praise God that we have these papers.
  • Pray for God’s provision of financial support. We need a vehicle and a generator for ministry because it is very hard to carry the equipment in hands when we are going for the outreaches especially in the village outreaches. We need a generator because in the village there is no electricity. This is why we need a generator and also the financial support for the regular ministry activities.
  • Pray for the next ministry opportunities we have… next months we will be very busy in the ministry. In particular, in the run up to Christmas we have a big mission at Bugesera high schools. We will be doing outreaches in five high schools. It will be in the last week of November. The mission will take one whole week. We will have different programs with the students and different ministry program for the children at Mayange Village.

Author: Chris Mathieson

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