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With almost 30 million inhabitants, Peru lies on the western seaboard of South America, with its population split between the coast, some of which is desert, the high Andes mountains, famous for the Inca civilisation discovered by the Spanish conquistadors of the 16th century, and the lush Amazon rain forest. Tourists climb the trail to visit Machu Picchu. The capital, Lima, is sadly famous for its slums.

OAC Peru

David Wilson met Samuel Lévano in 1983 when he taught a seminar at a seminary in Lima. Samuel  never forgot what he learned and used it over the years. David’s address changed a few years after the seminar, but Samuel was finally able to contact him 30 years later through the OAC Brazil website.

Unknown to David, Samuel and others trained in the seminars went on to preach the gospel in the plazas to thousands over several years with many coming to Christ. Samuel became our pioneer evangelist to help establish OAC in Peru. The Lord provided a new ministry van, and he began taking out church teams for open air evangelism in Lima. This led the way for Jorge and Suani Ortiz, both trained by OAC in Ecuador, to come to Peru as fulltime missionaries. Samuel then took a position as a pastor, but continues his involvement with OAC Peru by serving on the Board and taking out some church teams for evangelism. Jorge is now the National Director of OAC Peru. Jorge and Suani were married in 2016.

Above: street ministry in the city.

Above, working outside the city, with indigenous people.

Above, working with children

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Author: Chris Mathieson

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