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Located between Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina, this landlocked nation founded by Jesuits, and with a current population of over 6 million, while over 60% live in and around the capital, Asunción, others are sparsely spread across the Chaco region. In addition to Spanish, 90% of the population speak Guaraní, the majority indigenous language. A military dictatorship was thrown out in 1989 and Paraguay became a democracy. Religious freedom was declared in 1992. Two years later, OAC Paraguay was officially signed into existence by the President himself. Today, Paraguay has an evangelical President, who personally knows our evangelists. About 5% of the population is evangelical.

OAC Paraguay

Our Paraguayan evangelists have open doors to proclaim the gospel in the open air, public schools, to Indian tribes, on military bases, and even to the police. OAC serves the church, helping it evangelize its neighbourhood through open air film meetings. Public schools welcome OAC to present films and dramas on the dangers of drugs and other ethical issues. These are always followed by the preaching of the gospel. Indian tribes come to see our films and listen to the gospel preached in their Guarani language. They are follow up by missions that are planting churches among them. In all these outreaches, many are praying to trust Christ as Saviour in this harvest field.

Recent photos of school ministry follow:

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Author: Chris Mathieson

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