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Population: 31 Million – Official language: English/French – Capital: Ottawa – Evangelicals: 10%

Operation World tells a sad tale of the spiritual decline in the great nation. The French speaking province of Quebec is 85% Roman Catholic in culture.

OAC in Canada

The OAC work in Canada is going very well. With three new members coming on staff which will bring us up to ten members. We have two evangelists working in Calgary, Alberta. One teaches evangelism at Prairie Bible Institute and brings a team of students into Calgary on Saturdays. There is a man who has applied to OAC to work in Montreal, Quebec, also another fellow from Nova Scotia has applied to join us and a third man in Ontario will be joining us soon. In Ontario we currently have five evangelists going into various cities throughout the province. One of these men has applied to work with a local Bible college to teach evangelism and lead teams out from there. Of course there are also many volunteers to support this work.

With approximately 80% of Canadians claiming to believe in God there is much work to be done to proclaim the message of the one true and living God. Montreal is one of the best places in North America to do open air evangelism, as there is a very high concentration of people in such a small area who are very open to stopping and listening to the Gospel. In the greater Toronto area there are 5 million people, so downtown yields a constant flow of people to minister too. Ottawa, the nation’s capital also is a ripe harvest field with many good preaching venues, even along the canals where people skate in the winter. Calgary is a very rapidly growing city of one million due to a booming oil industry and is attracting people from all parts of Canada and the world looking for jobs. It is proving to be a very fruitful ministry as well with many good preaching opportunities. We are praying for and looking forward to a fruitful harvest of souls in Canada for our Lord Jesus Christ.


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