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The Bahamas

An archipelago of 700 Islands and Cays called the Bahamas, stretches across 100,000 square miles in the Atlantic Ocean only 50 miles off the Florida coast. This proximity to the United States of America’s mainland, results in millions of tourist visiting the most beautiful place on earth annually, for health and wealth. Our major industry is tourism and is followed closely by banking.

With a growing population of over 400,000, the Bahamas has a Westminster style of democracy, and can boast of having one of the most stable governments in the world.

Enshrined in our Constitution are these principles of faith that govern our conduct:

* Recognizing the supremacy of God.

*Democratic Sovereign Nation founded on Biblical Spiritual values

* Creation under God of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

New Providence, only 21miles long by 7 miles wide is the hub of the Family of Islands where government, commerce and approximately 250,000 reside. The majority of Bahamians are qualified and trained persons employed in the major institutions; Tourism, Financial, Health Care facilities, University of the Bahamas, Colleges, Vocational Training centers and Agriculture and Fisheries.

The Bahamas is a very religious country, and with International Airports in some Islands, is open to all kinds of perpetrators; mainly a belief that self produced good works will get a person to heaven. Many imported and local religious groups compound this, by focusing on a social gospel rather than the Gospel concerning Jesus Christ.


Lead by Ted Thompson as NATIONAL DIRECTOR, our work was founded by consultant Keith Phillips and David Wilson, who charted this work in Nassau the capital of New Providence in the Bahamas since 2008. The government granted registration on August 3, 2010, establishing OACBAHAMAS branch with a team of ten trustees and staff Evangelists.


1. To Train evangelists (all ages) in utilizing the sketch board, through seminars and OAC tools, and to assist Bahamian churches while we minister in the open air.

2. Establish “YMEE” centers (YOUTH MISSIONARY EVANGELISTIC EDUCATION CENTERS), a preparatory school of evangelism for ages13-18 to evangelistically educate youth in schools, partnering with Student Christian Movement of schools and held two months annually. Providing: (1 Sam. 19:20)

A. A Preparatory School to channel students to Bible College, local or foreign.

B. A harvesting of at least two evangelists/missionaries annually.

Author: Chris Mathieson

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