OAC Bolivia

Bolivia has 10 million inhabitants spread over three zones, the high mountains, the plains and the rain forest. La Paz is the highest administrative capital in the world. Since the conquest by the Spaniards in the 16th century, the land has been famous for its minerals, early on silver, now many others.

16% of the population are evangelical, but that leaves over eight million without a clear understanding of the gospel

School ministry

Over the years a number of attempts were made to start a branch in Bolivia. Then, in 2013 Robson & Cris Costa opened the ministry, moving from Brazil and early in 2014 began outreach through campaigns with international teams.

The doors are wide open to hear the gospel and immediately you can gather a large crowd who will listen to our evangelists. Pray that our staff can recruit more, local evangelists to strengthen and extend this ministry into the harvest fields.


Calle Motacú n° 9, entre Ambar y Palmas, km 5 1/2 ao norte.
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Cel: 591 70024853

Office in Brazil: Misión Proclamando Al Mundo
Caixa Postal 1143, Campinas-SP, CEP: 13012-970
Web de PAM

Tel/Fax 55-(19)-32272662

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