OAC Sweden

David Sundell, National Director appointee, OAC Sweden


On 8th April, 2021, OAC Sweden was recognised as a full national branch within OACI. Congratulations!

In 2016 the board of OAC Norway decided to work on establishing a branch in Sweden before 2021. Over the next years there were several visits to Sweden and, especially at the “Uppdraget” evangelists’ conference, new contacts were made. After more visits to Sweden, one of the new contacts, David Sundell, was employed as national director of Sweden in January 2020.

Get to know David here!

As you can imagine, despite Sweden having a very relaxed approach to the pandemic, building a ministry and coping with Covid-19 during the first year was not easy!

For more information, go to the national website or use these contact details:


+46 73 024 85 01

Author: Chris Mathieson

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