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Denmark’s best-known monument!


Scandinavia, at the very top of Europe, is a collection of very different landscapes populated by the descendants of the adventurous Vikings and Finns. The stuff of religious myth and legend, once the Scandinavians accepted the Gospel they stuck to it. Today, several of these lands have far higher than (European) average ‘born again’ percentages, particularly Finland and Norway. On the other hand, some characteristics of local culture demand a much clearer proclamation of the Gospel in the face of secularisation, especially in Denmark. A further characteristic is the overall dominance of the Lutheran church which has required a new and interesting alliance for OAC. Established in Denmark, OAC has over the past years aimed to extend the ministry to the rest of the region and the Baltic republics.

The Purpose

To present Christ by all means to all people everywhere in these countries, primarily through open-air evangelism as well as in places and situations where unsaved people are. The characteristics of the work of OAC Denmark – Friluftsmissionen are:
Open air evangelism amongst adults and children.
Using visual aids like sketchboard, gospel magic, balloons, puppets and others.
Teaching local congregations and societies in a sound Biblical preaching and in evangelism to reach out to their own communities, family, friends etc..

Our Vision

Torben Ostermark seeking direction!

Our vision is to present Christ be all means everywhere primarily in the streets of Denmark. And in as many places and in as many ways as possible. In short: Sharing the good news in good ways!
And to inspire and teach other Christians to do the same.


At present OAC Denmark – Friluftsmissionen has two evangelists on staff: Torben Østermark (full time) and Daniel Mikkelsen (part time). And Filip Eriksen as a part time office worker. And 5 volunteer evangelists in different towns. OAC – Friluftsmissionen is a faith mission financed through voluntary gifts. Wages are not paid to  staff evangelists, but they are each dependant on gifts for the ministry. 

Our Address

OAC Denmark – Friluftsmissionen, Hvidovrevej 137, DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
Phone +45 42434610.
Danish web site: www.oac.dk


Author: Chris Mathieson

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