Open Air Evangelism, our flagship ministry

At the very heart of OAC’s ministry around the world is Open Air evangelism. It is the opportunity to present the gospel in a brief, simple, but clear way, such that in a few minutes people can understand their situation before God, His solution to our problem and how we can know Him.

Local teams go out regularly to the same places, where they know many people are passing. Some will gather and listen. with our board and/ or other visual methods we take people from issues affecting them to the main issue which really marks the difference between life and death.  They then hear how Jesus died for their sin and is calling them to trust Him for salvation.

The Photo gallery below shows a selection of ministry photos, old and new.

OAC needs prayer, local volunteers and (usually) young people willing to give a week or two to mission outreaches, in addition to the need for men and women willing to commit to serving long term in this exciting ministry. Check your local branch for opportunities.

Here’s a video from Times Square, New York City.


And here to finish is a brief compilation of snaps from an Open Air presentation in Vienna, Austria.


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Author: Chris Mathieson

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