OAC Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is wide open to the ministry of OAC. David Wilson has found an excellent man in ‘Fred’, otherwise known as Nvunyinka Ngirabakunzi Freud, who has now been trained and equipped and is taking responsibility for the establishment of the work in this enormous country.

Famous for its mines, wildlife and warfare, once a colony of Belgium, later called Zaire, the Congo has recently returned to the headlines due to an outbreak of ebola, a deadly disease. Yet while ebola is deadly, only a few die of this infection, due to simple but effective health practices. But all the 78 million inhabitants are affected by sin and the one remedy is in the hands of men like Fred, willing to take the message to small outlying communities where the true gospel is barely known.

Here is a selection of recent photos taken during a training and ministry trip by David Wilson.

Author: Chris Mathieson

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