We have many video resources, as messages are posted online. Please enjoy them, pass them on and also use the ideas offline in your ministry.

The most abundant YouTube resources can be found on the GB page here.

Or from Mark Sohmer (New Hampshire branch/ USA)

A number of other nations post videos in different languages, although some also in English, such as Norway. Our President has a few English language videos, but most are in Spanish, as one will understand.

If you are on both YouTube and Facebook, don’t hesitate to open any videos we post on our OACInternational page in YouTube and then ‘like’ them, subscribe to the local branch channels and enjoy viewing new uploads as they become available.

Some national ministries also post directly to Facebook, but we don’t recommend this as a way of storing resources for future reference.

Some people are also posting on Vimeo, but we aren’t so good at keeping up. It has advantages of quality!



Author: Chris Mathieson

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