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The nature of OACI

OACI is a highly decentralised organisation and the best way to contact us to to go though your local or national office.

Look up the national offices in the information available under most national ministry descriptions. Should there be no information or web link available, please contact one of the alternatives to the right.

You can also contact us with the form below. Please refer to the privacy note below, noting that inquiries from within the EU will not be forwarded elsewhere. We will attempt to answer as well as we can, but you may prefer to write direct to the US or International offices.

David Proaño

International President

Ministry queries:

Administrative queries or donations:

Please use the US and International office (next box)

John Cutlip

Central Services Director, OAC USA

Fill in this contact form.


Mailing Address: OAC, PO Box D, Nazareth PA 18064 (USA)

Phone: (610) 746-0508

Your opportunity to contact us!

Please also contact us via this form if you wish. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

This inquiry will be handled from within the European Union, but non EU requests may be forwarded to the above addresses or other international branches, as appropriate. More information concerning your rights can be seen at the Privacy Policy page.


There are plenty of ways to follow OAC ministry via the Internet. Most national branches, plus some local branches and a lot of our staff have their own Facebook, Youtube and Twitter accounts. There are also a couple of other items which might be of interest.

SmugMug is a photo sharing site, where you can find a lot of older (and some newer) photos from around the world.



Here's a link to our YouTube channel, which in turn connects, we hope, to a number of other national and personal channels


Our Facebook has a host of links. Each of the national pages on this site has a link, if such is available.

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