Message resources

Hello everyone! OAC around the world has lots of resources, although we are not too good at centralising them. As this page continues to be set up, some resources may come with a password requirement, which is only available for staff. This is due to the restrictions placed on us concerning the availability of certain explanations. The rest is freely available to all who would wish to present the gospel.

A good place to start is to watch our evangelists at work. Some branches have open pages on YouTube or Vimeo where you can watch, for example: OAC Great Britain.

Alternatively, to get into the method, please take a look at the Books page.

There are also messages available in various formats from the OAC USA shop and here.
Also available from the USA shop are pre-prepared Vinyls, which you can use directly on the street.

Here follow a couple of links to (future) staff content.