President’s greeting

Over the years since our ministry began in 1892, many things have changed, and some have not. The pioneers of this work did not use a sketchboard, let alone a data projector! They did not communicate with one another via email or Facebook or mobile phones! They had no idea that this ministry of proclamation evangelism would grow as it has to more than 30 countries!

But that last sentence gives a clue as to what has not changed in all those years. Our aim has always been to go out to where the people are, to streets and plazas, schools and universities, ships and shops, wherever people gather, and to use effective methods that are engaging and crowd-stopping, to relevantly but boldly preach the unchanging Good News of what Christ has done to put us right with God through faith in Him.

In Australia, where our work began all those years ago, these days we use the little phrase ‘Good News in Good Ways’. It’s a pretty good summary of what we have always been about, and what we continue to do.

Thankyou for the vital part that you play through your prayer support and financial gifts to keep us going out with the Gospel today. God bless you!

Rob George

Rob George



Rob George

OAC International President