Spring Break French (and German) Style

Mission with Pathway,  March 2019

Thank you (especially Facebook friends!) for praying for our mission with the team from Pathway which took place over five days last week.

The Pathway team was led by Niki and contained Katja, Sabine and Hannah from Germany. The girls all spoke excellent English. We were also joined for the whole time by a friend from Paris – Marcelle – someone Peter has done lots of evangelism with in the past. They were all warm, adaptable and a pleasure to spend time and work with.

Over the five days we always had some people joining us from our churches for a session (or more) of prayer and/or evangelism. It seemed that just the right people arrived at just the right times.

The weather was mixed but we noticed on the more inclement days that the rain or strong winds stopped just at the times we needed it to for our sessions of evangelism. On the last day we were grateful to the Lord to enjoy lovely blue skies and sun for the morning prayer time on the boat ferry along the Garonne river.

The balance of prayer and evangelism felt right – like walking on two legs.

The team were made welcome at both the large French (morning) church and the smaller international English speaking (afternoon) church. We were all invited to eat in the home of a hospitable French friend. We and the mission were prayed for intensively at prayer meetings beforehand.

The possibility of having conversations with people about Jesus in English was a key prayer request for the three young German girls and this was possible for them all at times.

Two of them gave testimonies to crowds as part of the sketchboard evangelism and all worked with partners in speaking with people using Soularium – a kind of survey method.

In general, over the five days there were many very good conversations, many meetings with people that felt significant and ‘arranged’ and at the last session a young woman prayed to receive the Lord.

Peter and Alison Kennelly, OAC GB on placement in Bordeaux, France

Author: Chris Mathieson

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