Pray for Africa

OAC has had ministry in Africa for years, in Uganda and Kenya, but this year two new initiatives are opening up the Congo and Rwanda.

Africa is a great and growing opportunity for the gospel. We have just accepted a request from one of our African workers to hold a Day of Prayer on Friday, April 5th.

We have already established works in Kenya (staffed by Moses, Kamau, Daniel and Jacinta) and Uganda (‘Romans’, Tabitha and a team of schools workers). In both countries ministry is often by ‘safari’ trips far from the base, taking meetings in schools and churches during the daytime and projecting films after dark. Below are a few photos from these fields.


We also now have trained workers in Rwanda (Jean d’Amour – Jean is French for John) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Fred), where we are in the process of beginning the work.

Pray for the openings in schools, with films, often in places far from large settlements or churches and also in the cities.

Ministry earlier this year in Kenya.

Above: Recent School and film ministry in Kenya

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Here are some requests from Rwanda:

Prayer request:

-Pray for Rwanda, here big part of the country are Villages and no evangelical church in the villages ,the peoples in the villages there are still believe traditional (big number of unreached peoples ), pray for us, we are planning to reach these villages in Rwanda with the Gospel

-Pray for us, we are in process of OAC Rwanda registration, it is not easy but we know that God is in control

-Pray for us, we have Ministry equipment like Sketchboard, chemical cross and Jesus Film equipment but we are praying for God’s provision about a Generator and Vehicles for the ministry, because in the villages there is no electricity power and to carry all the equipment with hands is not easy for us pray for God’s provision about Generator and Vehicles for Ministry in Rwanda


Our new evangelist in the Democratic Republic of The Congo, Nvunyinka Ngirabakunzi Freud… ‘Fred’ to us, needs your support in prayer as he learns and builds the ministry in this enormous  and very needy country, riven for decades by civil war.



Pray for the schools team in Uganda, led by Tabitha,

together with the rest of a broad ministry. (See below.)


Author: Chris Mathieson

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