Growth in the Caribbean

The Caribbean strikes up multiple images, of pirates, sunny beaches and disastrous hurricanes. It has long been a melting pot of cultures and races. ‘Discovered’ in 1492, it was soon a target for many European countries to establish colonies. Even by 1520 there were complaints by a Catholic worker, Bartolomé de las Casa, about the exploitation of people in the islands and a lack of proper evangelisation. Syncretism set in and is still a part of the religious scene. Yet there are also many true Christians.

OAC has been active in the region since 1982, when Keith Phillips opened a branch in Jamaica. Now we also have a branch in the Bahamas and one starting up in Haiti. Brother Kender Sainflinat is developing the work well and has numerous opportunities. Recently they had a training seminar, but the eight boards were insufficient and now they are asking for more equipment!

Schools is a big part of the ministry, but there are also other opportunities to reach out a share the gospel.

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Author: Chris Mathieson

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